How Military has been Degraded in India: Civilian Mindset

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  1. Dedicated to rape victim Damini:

    Ayee thee dunya main
    khelney kudney kiliya
    hazaar khwaab they merey
    Aur zindagee kee khusboo merey sansoo mein

    Ek din mein gaythee zindagee key saath pyar karney ko
    Lekhin loat aye meree lash
    saamney karey hogey shaitaan
    aur koi fareshta nahee tha merey saath

    sau bandey karey hogey tamasha dekhney kiliyeh
    cheekein moon sey nikalrey thee
    lekhin us raat sab berey hogey they
    kyon key zindagee barbad dekhna unkiliyeh ziyada zaroori tha

    Aaj mein tooti hooey moath ka samna karay heyhoon
    yeh soach key ke mere saath huwa kiya
    kal mey sitaron key saath naach rahey thee
    Ek palkey mein moath key saath naach rahee hoon

    Ab jab mein apnee akhri sansey leyrah hee hoon
    aur moath besabri sey intazaar karah hey
    merey ek akhri khwaish reythee hey
    key ek din haar admi aurat ko izat sey pesh karega


    I came into this world
    to run and play [like a child]
    with a thousand dreams
    and the aroma of the world flowing through my senses

    One day I went out to love the world
    But my corpse returned
    I was confronted by devils
    and there was no angel by my side

    A hundred people stood up to watch the spectacle
    Screams emanated from my mouth
    But that night everyone had become deaf
    Because watching my life wrecked was more important for them

    Today, broken I stand before death
    with this thought “what happened to me?”
    Yesterday I was dancing with the stars
    In moment I find myself dancing with death

    As i breathed my last
    And death awaits impatiently
    I have one final wish
    that one day every male will treat females with respect


    1. Ahmad Zaman

Vedic Mathematics

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<a href="

” title=”Vedic Mathematics”>Vedic Mathematics

Vedic mathematics is a system of mathematics consisting of a list of 16 basic sutras, or aphorisms, obtained from the Vedas.

Hello world!

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