Mistranslations by Western Indologists as noted by Dr. Shankar Rajaraman

Dharma Consciousness

A few weeks ago, about 132 scholars from various Indian universities and institutions came together for a remarkable purpose. They signed a petition asking Rohan Murty and his father Narayana Murthy on change.org . The rally was quickly picked up by people from all over the world and soon there were more than 16,000 signatures on the petition.

The petition was about one Prof. Sheldon Pollock and Murty family giving him about 5 million USD for a humongous task of translating 500 Indian classical texts in English. Prof. Pollock may be an unheard name for most Indians, but in the elite spheres of Indian academic and politics, his name is quite well known for all the good things. He was even awarded Padma Shri by Government of India. Murty named this ambitious project as Murty Classical Library of India (MCLI) and plans to flood Indian markets with these books at…

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~ by ayepee99 on March 17, 2016.

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