@NarendraModi, @Lahore & Nuclear Blackmail


Do you know why the USA will be the most pleased by Mr Narendra Modi’s lighting surprise visit to Pakistan? Because the one thing that Barack Obama and many European leaders fear the most in South Asia, is that Islamabad launches a nuclear war against India to regain Kashmir. In fact the present Paki President, Nawaz Sharif had contemplated such a move during the Kargil war and was dissuaded by Bill Clinton.
But the truth is that Pakistan does a clever nuclear blackmail to the West to get more subsidies and weapons: “if you do not put pressure on India to negotiate Kashmir, there might be a nuclear war”. I doubt that Pakistan will ever launch a nuclear war on India, as India has a much superior arsenal and Pakistan will be decimated, but the blackmail works.
So Is Mr Modi trying to please the Americans? Or is he attempting…

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~ by ayepee99 on December 26, 2015.

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